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Are you getting tired of the crap? Poo-Poo Pros offer our service once or twice weekly, or every other week. If you have a special occasion approaching and need a one time cleaning before the event, we can help you with that as well! We won’t make you sign a contract and you won’t get leashed into a lengthy agreement. If you ever need to cancel our services, all it takes is a simple phone call, email, or text. We think that once you see the benefits of having your yard cleaned by a professional pet waste removal service, there will be no turning back!

The price to have your yard scooped varies by number of dogs and how often you would like us to come clean. All new customers are assessed with a one time initial cleaning fee of $35 for the first 2 gallon bucket full, and an additional $10 for each additional bucket filled (if any). If your yard was recently cleaned before we arrive, the initial cleaning fee will be waived.

The listed prices are based on an average sized city lot; if your yard is larger, the pricing may be increased accordingly.

One Time Cleaning Fee: $35 per 2 gallon bucket with an additional $10 for every bucket afterward. Contact us for more information about one time cleanings.

The price quoted is the price you will see on your bill; There are no hidden fees!

Do you have more than five dogs or over an acre of land? Contact us for a personalized quote.

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